STAY CONNECTED - 2023 Annual Fundraising Campaign

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STAY CONNECTED is this year’s annual fundraising campaign for Multiples of America.

This year’s campaign aims to raise $3,000. Supporters can elect to target their donations toward specific areas, or offer a general donation. Added to that, an anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations up to our $3,000. goal. So when you give, your gift is truly multiplied! 

Your gift helps support the work of Multiples of America as we reach out to member clubs and members with support, education, and research. Club members tell the story of that support best.

“When I went to my first club meeting and said I was expecting, everyone clapped and cheered. This was much more positive than any other reaction to date, so I knew these were my people!” Jill Heink, Bluegrass Parents of Twins & Multiples Club (KY)

“When my twins were 10-months old, I was hospitalized. It was just a little bit after I joined my club. My fellow members (some who I never even met) showered my family with meals and love.” Terrin Thomas, Greater Orlando Mothers of Twins and Triplets (FL)

Be a part of this support for multiple birth families nationwide. Your dollars make a difference in the powerful connections that Multiples of America makes with members, member clubs, and parents expecting twins, triplets, or more.

$20 – Gives us the capability to stay connected by sharing surveys and online forms for a month.

$40 – Gifts an affiliate membership to help us stay connected with a researcher, social media influencer, educator, health care professional, or caregiver. (You can name the affiliate or let us identify a professional who would be a good partner. )

$80 – Provides a way for us to stay connected via email with all members for a month.
Name your amount! Every dollar makes a difference.

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