Educating Multiples

This is the number one topic of information requested from Multiples of America. Multiples of America (also known as the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.) is one of the primary organizations that assisted in developing survey on how best to educate multiple birth children and gathered research and compiled information on the issue of separating multiples in school or keeping them together in he same class. 

We have assisted supplying information so that states pass “Twin Laws” that give the parents the right to have a say in whether multiples should be together in same classroom and that no policy is the best policy when it comes to deciding this. 

We have aided in educating the educators and administrators on multiple birth children. We have given a voice to parents to stand up to school officials by giving them research and information to show them. 

We offer members information so that they can have a voice in political structures for support in school systems, daycare and in the medical environment through research. Using our research and research data we have compiled enables members to have the documentation to provide what is best for each multiple and each family. 

For more information on the resources we provide to help parents work with their schools, school districts and state in helping better understand the education of multiple birth children, please use the form below to contact Multiples of America.

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