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You might have questions about how to get the best experience for your children when entering school.

Where can I find other families like me?

Connecting with families in similar situations or life experiences provides opportunities for parents to ask questions and seek help with others who truly understand.

Let Multiples of America Guide You to A Wonderful Family Life

Welcome to Multiples of America! Supporting parents and families with multiple birth children is our specialty! Let us guide you as our organization is the premier source for all multiple-related information. We are thrilled to share our education material with you which is ever-changing to include the latest information and resources. We work with top researchers in their fields on multiple related studies at the national and international levels. We conduct “in-house” studies on various topics. We provide additional support services for those families parenting higher order multiples, special needs multiples, families experiencing bereavement and LGBT families. We partner with like organizations to “connect” you with additional resources and provide the most up to date information available for a variety of experiences. Best of all we support our members every day, 365 days a year! 

Connecting with Others Has Never Been Easier

Relieve the stress and doubt – Empower your parenting! Easily find local support, education, and research from Multiples of America’s 230 local multiples clubs, and 14,000 members. Our 60 years of experience, credibility, recognition, programs, publications, and membership will be your one stop shop to an easier life with multiples.

The joy of parenting more than one at a time is immeasurable!

While raising multiples can often be challenging, the daily joys of watching them develop and grow, their interactions with each other and you as parents, and the fun of “doing family life” together far outweigh the concerns we may encounter along the way. Multiples of America strives to provide our families with the connections you need along the way to be successful parents and to truly enjoy the parenting journey you are experiencing! Multiple birth children and parenting are our specialty and your membership can be invaluable.

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“As a military mom when my twins were young children, my twins club membership brought me information and friends in at any base or city we were stationed at. When it came time to put them in kindergarten, the resources that enabled me to keep them together in a transition year were critical. Being a member of Multiples of America has changed my life.”

– Kelly GEMS, South Carolina


“Since becoming a member club of Multiples of America last fall, Space Coast Mothers of Multiples has seen great tangible benefits. Six local MoMs have mentioned finding our group through the MOA website, and by participating in the MOA initiative for National Multiple Birth Awareness Month in April, four more MoMs were able to learn about our local group. We have also been able to use our new 501(c)(3) designation to obtain donations from local businesses, as well as build partnerships in our area with play spaces, shops, a car wash, and more. The online resources have also been helpful – we took tips from the Fall 2018 issue of The Notebook in both the restructure of our dues as well as including the recognition of volunteers at our annual installation dinner. Attending the national convention also proved helpful in countless ways – being able to chat with others across the country about topics like how they are using social media, what types of fundraisers are working, and how to handle serving a large geographic area are invaluable. As we enter our second year as a member club of MOA, I look forward to further exploring the numerous benefits and learning how to best implement them in our local organization.”

Amy B., Space Coast Mothers of Multiples (FL)

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