Join Multiples of America as an Individual Affiliate

No club in your area? A professional working with families of multiples? 

If you are one of the following, Multiples of America has a membership just for you. 

  • an educator
  • a health care professional working with families of multiples
  • a daycare provider for multiples
  • a parent of multiples with no club in your area

You can join Multiples of America!

For more information on this option of membership, contact us at

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Print and complete the Affiliate Membership Application below. Email it to the Executive Office at 

Affiliate Membership Application 

Dues can be paid by check or by using the convenient PayPal button below. If paying by check, we can accept US funds drawn on checks from US financial institutions only. Checks should be mailed to the Executive Office along with your application to 2000 Mallory Lane, Ste 130-600, Franklin, TN.

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“As a military mom when my twins were young children, my twins club membership brought me information and friends in at any base or city we were stationed at. When it came time to put them in kindergarten, the resources that enabled me to keep them together in a transition year were critical. Being a member of Multiples of America has changed my life.”

– Kelly GEMS, South Carolina


“Since becoming a member club of Multiples of America last fall, Space Coast Mothers of Multiples has seen great tangible benefits. Six local MoMs have mentioned finding our group through the MOA website, and by participating in the MOA initiative for National Multiple Birth Awareness Month in April, four more MoMs were able to learn about our local group. We have also been able to use our new 501(c)(3) designation to obtain donations from local businesses, as well as build partnerships in our area with play spaces, shops, a car wash, and more. The online resources have also been helpful – we took tips from the Fall 2018 issue of The Notebook in both the restructure of our dues as well as including the recognition of volunteers at our annual installation dinner. Attending the national convention also proved helpful in countless ways – being able to chat with others across the country about topics like how they are using social media, what types of fundraisers are working, and how to handle serving a large geographic area are invaluable. As we enter our second year as a member club of MOA, I look forward to further exploring the numerous benefits and learning how to best implement them in our local organization.”

Amy B., Space Coast Mothers of Multiples (FL)

“I attended my first Clusters meeting in April 2010; since then I have gotten more and more involved. First at the local level, then to state and now I am volunteering at the national level. Being pregnant with the triplets rocked my entire world – it also opened my eyes to wanting to share my story and experiences in hopes of helping others. I want to give back for what we received but in turn I have found some fantastic, lifelong friends. Women that I can cry and laugh (hysterically) with….as my husband would say, ‘I have found my people’.”

– Danielle G., Clusters Mothers of Multiples (IL)

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