Group Exemption Benefits for Clubs

Member clubs can take advantage of federal income tax exemption status by participating in our annual Group Exemption filing. 

The following documents provide information regarding the group exemption filing: 

The deadline for participation in Multiples of America’s 501(c)(3) group exemption filing with the IRS each year is
November 1. Clubs filing after this date will incur a $30 late fee (no exceptions). Begin to prepare your filing documents as soon as the end of the fiscal year arrives — July 31. If you  need to pay the late fee, please see the link below.


Please note, participation in Multiples of America’s 501(c)(3) filing with the IRS requires that member clubs submit the appropriate documents annually per the Club Tips for Group Exemption.


If you have additional questions regarding group exemption, please contact our Executive Office at


Group Exemption Late Fee (Due after November 1)

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