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School Placement During the Covid-19 Crisis

The document linked below provides important school placement information, challenges parents of multiples are facing, and helpful tips to navigate this school year affected by the Covid-19 crisis. This article written by Multiples of America member and Past President, Terri Gillis, was published in the July 2020 newsletter  by ICOMBO (International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations).


For more information on School Placement options for your family, contact Multiples of America at



National Multiple Births Awareness Day – May 28, 2016
Building Support for the Road Ahead
May 28 is National Multiple Births Awareness Day and on this day, each year, Multiple Births Canada and its
affiliate chapters across Canada raise awareness about the realities of raising twins, triplets or more (multiple
births). On May 28, 1934, the world famous Dionne Quintuplets were born in Corbeil, Ontario. They were the
first known surviving Canadian quintuplets. For this reason, May 28 was selected as Canada’s National Multiple
Births Awareness Day.
This year Canada has seen two unique and rare sets of identical/monozygotic multiples in the news. Multiple
Births Canada is always here to provide information and insight into situations like these for both the families
and the media.
Having multiple births children is an exciting experience, but at the same time can come with unique challenges
and sometimes healthcare concerns, and for that reason there is a need for ongoing support from peers, family,
healthcare professionals, educators and the greater community.
National Multiple Births Awareness Day’s selected theme for 2016 is: “Building support for the road ahead”.
MBC strives to increase membership across Canada, welcome new affiliate chapters to our family, manage a
sustainable financial position, and increase knowledge and support for our internal support network of multiple
births families.
Multiple Births Canada realizes that while the general population may have a basic idea about what it might be
like to have twins or more – cute, fun, “double the trouble” – they do not always have a real picture of what it
is like to raise multiples until they themselves experience a multiple births pregnancy.
There are a number of risks to babies and even mothers when experiencing a multiple births pregnancy. There
is also potential long term healthcare, parenting or educational needs families with multiples may need to
 Approximately 1 in 86 births is a twin birth and approximately 1 in 6,400 is a triplet birth.
 Of all twin’s births, approximately 56% result in preterm birth – arriving before 37 week’s gestation
 Couples experiencing a multiple birth are at greater risk for stress, isolation, financial difficulties, marital
stress and depression
Needless to say, families of multiple births benefit from having access to formal and informal supports through
Multiple Births Canada and its affiliate chapters, which strive to offer accurate information, outreach services,
peer support, workshops, and organized group programming. Families with multiple births children may
experience a range of unique experiences throughout childhood and into adulthood, and Multiple Births
Canada aims to build support for the road ahead.
There is no exact same experience of a multiple births pregnancy. Where one family may experience no
complications during the prenatal period, another will follow a different path and be monitored more closely
due to increased risk of complications. Another family may go on to experience a full term birth, while the next
goes through a preterm birth. Whatever fork in the road a family comes to, we are here to advise and support
families for the road ahead.
Like a family, Multiple Births Canada can only thrive with the support of the people within it and around it.
Multiple Births Canada reaches out to families and offers knowledge and advice from others who have already
travelled this road.
Theresa Sanders, Office Manager
Multiple Births Canada –

Texas Children’s Hospital
Fetal Health Foundation
Twins Magazine  


“Welcome to the latest edition of the ICOMBO newsletter. By the time you receive this newsletter, I will be on my way to Budapest for our Congress and meetings. I am really looking forward to catching up with some of you there – renewing friendships and making new friends.

I have been busy planning our meetings and I think it will be a great program. I am hoping that we can work together to create an exciting year ahead for ICOMBO members.”

Read the rest of the International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations (ICOMBO) newsletter at the following link:

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