Giving Tuesday 2019

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Giving Tuesday is December 3, 2019! Multiples of America would love your support on this national day of giving.

Created in 2012, Giving Tuesday is a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. We would love your help in fulfilling our mission to support multiple birth families. Your donations can help us achieve that goal!

Multiples of America has been assisting multiple birth families since 1960.  Established for the purposes of education, research and support, Multiples of America is key to the formation of local support clubs throughout the United States.  As times have changed, we have changed as well; technology has enabled parents to access information on the web, but has resulted in less vital face-to-face relationship building and advice sharing through membership in local clubs.  While multiple birth rates continue to rise, membership in local clubs has dropped, and therefore, our membership revenue has continued to diminish.

Multiples of America is dedicated to supporting multiple birth families through education, research and support opportunities.  We need your help to do this!

Multiples of America offers support in the following ways:

  • Research opportunities and partnerships
  • Award-winning quarterly publication, Notebook
  • Annual convention held the last week of July
  • Information on all facets of multiple birth
  • Social media pages dedicated to specific multiple birth topics
  • Organization website full of pertinent information

Use the convenient PayPal button below to donate. Now share your giving story on social media using the following hastags:

 #givingtuesday #supportmultiplied #mygivingstory


Multiples of America bylaw amendments

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Do you or your club want to propose an amendment to the bylaws and/or standing rules of Multiples of America?  If so, please submit all proposed amendments to the Parliamentarian by the December 15, 2018 deadline.  Please send any questions/concerns or draft amendments to:  Thank you.

Multiples of America has teamed up with FertilityIQ

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Dear Members of Multiples of America,

Have you sought  fertility treatment? If so – we need your help!

We are teaming up with FertilityIQ to encourage  fertility patients to review their fertility doctor.  FertilityIQ will make a donation to Multiples of America for every  review we  provide.

FertilityIQ was started a few years ago by a husband and wife team to ensure other patients get reliable & helpful information on doctors, clinics, costs and more. Everything on the site is free and there are no advertisers on this site. You are encouraged to visit Fertility IQ’s website to learn more about this company before you send in your personal review.

You can leave an anonymous review of your fertility doctor(s) by starting here – make sure to provide lots detail because thousands patients will rely on what you have to say.

A few last notes:

  1. In the review, when asked who referred you to review, type “Multiples”. This will come at the end of your survey assessment. This is how fertility IQ will keep track of the organizations participants.
  1. If you’ve been treated at multiple clinics, you can provide multiple reviews (we get credit for each!)
  1. Feel free to share the link with others you may know that have sought fertility treatments.  Multiples of America, will receive credit for every  review that cites us It doesn’t matter if they are a member of a member club.
  1. The donation window will expire on November 27, 2018, so please take a few minutes to leave your assessment before the closing date!

Please Note: By clicking the link and submitting your assessment to FertilityIQ, you must agree to the terms of use and privacy policy provided by FertilityIQ. Any information provided is done so with the explicit knowledge that it is done willingingly to complete the assessment, with the full knowledge and consent of the user. Multiples of America is not responsible for the content of the FertilityIQ assessment. Multiples of America will not share your contact information with any third parties without express consent.


Kim England, President
(also known as the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs)


Find us on the web at

Like us on Facebook at

School Placement During the Covid-19 Crisis

The document linked below provides important school placement information, challenges parents of multiples are facing, and helpful tips to navigate this school year affected by the Covid-19 crisis. This article written by Multiples of America member and Past President, Terri Gillis, was published in the July 2020 newsletter  by ICOMBO (International Council of Multiple Birth Organisations).


For more information on School Placement options for your family, contact Multiples of America at


Notebook Renaming Contest Winner!

Donna Kuni, our incoming Executive Vice President, announces the winner in our Notebook Renaming Contest!

Celebrating Our First Year Volunteers!

While there are many things we will miss without a Convention this year, we could not let the summer pass without recognizing the amazing folks who have volunteered their time, energy, and talents as National Workers throughout this past year. We will be honoring our 2019-20 National Worker Service Award Recipients in person alongside our 2020-21 National Worker Service Award Recipients at our 2021 Convention. However, we couldn’t wait to thank you publicly for stepping up and “Riding for the Multiples of America Brand” throughout the 2019-20 club year.


We will be sharing a series of blog posts recognizing this year’s 5, 10, 20, & 25 Year Service Award Recipients. These awards acknowledge the recipients’ commitment and years of hard work volunteering for the organization. Each of these impressive service records began, as all journeys do, with a single step. Which is why we are starting our posts of gratitude by recognizing those members who took the first step this past year and volunteered as National Workers for the very first time.


Amy Bredemeyer joined the Research Department as a Research Committee member at the start of the 2019-20 club year. When called upon to serve in a greater capacity, Amy did not hesitate to step up. Beginning after Mid-Term, Amy joined the Board of Directors as the Research Vice President. Amy is also the Membership Vice President of her local club, Space Coast Mothers of Multiples (FL).


Meredith Fitzgerald joined the Education Department as District Writer for Notebook. Meredith is also the Vice President and former National Representative for her local club, MetroWest Parents of Multiples (MA).


Jamie Hanan served as a National Worker for the first time on the 2019-20 Convention Committee. Jamie is a member of Southside Parents of Multiples Club (IN).


Cara Kusnic joined the Education Department as a Feature Writer for Notebook. Cara is a member of Twin Cities Moms of Multiples (NC).


Melissa Nelson contributed her time and talents this past year working on Product Promotion/Sales. Melissa is a member of Southside Parents of Multiples Club (IN).


Heather Vestal joined the Membership Department and served as Membership Coordinator #2 this past year. Heather is a member of Twin Cities Moms of Multiples (NC).


Heather Willis was the Exhibit/Sponsorship Coordinator for her first year as a National Worker. Heather is a member of Brazos Valley Mothers of Twins Club (TX).


Thank you to everyone who has served as a National Worker for the 2019-20 year. Whether it was your first year volunteering or your 31st, we are grateful for the contributions of your time, talents, and energy.


Celebrating 5 Years: Dietrich, McMahon and Reeves

Five years can change the world. For our 5 Year Service Award Recipients, we know their years of service have improved the lives of families with multiples. For a combined total of fifteen years of service, our three Service Award Recipients have contributed to meaningful and positive changes in our members’ lives. Whether through awarding scholarships, reviewing applications for elected officer positions to ensure Multiples of America has qualified and dedicated leadership, or connecting members with resources – these three women have provided invaluable service for which the organization is exceedingly grateful.

Shenen Dietrich began service as a National Worker in 2015 on the Scholarship Committee. Since that first year, Shenen has served as the Exhibit/Sponsorship Coordinator, a member of both the Research and Nominating Committees, and this past year as the Nominating Chair. Shenen is a member of Phoenix Valley Mothers of Multiples (AZ).

Nancy McMahon first volunteered as a National Worker in 1990. She served on the Membership Committee from 1990-92 before joining the Nominating Committee for the 1992-93 year. Nancy’s last year as a National Worker in the 1990s was for the 1993-94 year when she served as a District Reporter for Notebook. After a more than 20-year hiatus, Nancy returned as a National Worker for the 2019-20 club year serving as a member of the Research Committee. Nancy is a member of York White Rose Mothers of Twins and Triplets Club (PA).

Helenmary Reeves joined on as a National Worker for the first time as a member of the Membership Committee in 2012. Helenmary then served for three consecutive club years, 2015-18, as a member of the Scholarship Committee. This past year, she has served as a member of the 2019-20 Nominating Committee. Helenmary is a member of Mountain States Mothers of Adult Multiples (AZ).

Thank you Shenen, Nancy, Helenmary, and all previous Five Year Service Award recipients for your hard work in achieving this milestone. We are incredibly grateful for your dedication and commitment to helping Multiples of America fulfill our mission to support families of multiple birth children through support, education, and research.

Celebrating 10 Years: Kathryn Magner

Over the course of ten years, babies become big kids, toddlers become teenagers, and big kids become fully grown adults. Small, incremental changes add up so significantly over ten years that we track trends in fashion, music, movies, even social movements by decade. Even fifty or one hundred years later, we can recognize the shifts that happen from one decade to the next – how the 1920s differed from the 1930s or the ‘60s from the ‘70s. While we cannot know yet how the world will remember the past decade, we know that our 2020 Ten Year Service Award Recipient has undoubtedly contributed immensely to the success of Multiples of America and in doing so, improved the lives of multiples families throughout the country.

Kathryn Magner began volunteering as a National Worker in 2008. First, she joined the Research Department where she served for three years (2008-2011). In 2011, Kathryn transitioned to the Membership Department and worked as Membership Statistician for four years (2011-2015). Since then, Kathryn has contributed her time and talents to Multiples of America as Research Chair (2015-16), Convention Committee Member (2017-18), and for the past year as a Research Committee Member (2019-20). Kathryn is a member of Hamden County Mothers of Twins Club (MA).

Thank you, Kathryn and all previous Ten Year Service Award Recipients, for a full decade of service with Multiples of America. With your help, we have been able to continue to fulfill our mission to support families of multiple birth children through support, research, and education.

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