Celebrating Our First Year Volunteers!

While there are many things we will miss without a Convention this year, we could not let the summer pass without recognizing the amazing folks who have volunteered their time, energy, and talents as National Workers throughout this past year. We will be honoring our 2019-20 National Worker Service Award Recipients in person alongside our 2020-21 National Worker Service Award Recipients at our 2021 Convention. However, we couldn’t wait to thank you publicly for stepping up and “Riding for the Multiples of America Brand” throughout the 2019-20 club year.


We will be sharing a series of blog posts recognizing this year’s 5, 10, 20, & 25 Year Service Award Recipients. These awards acknowledge the recipients’ commitment and years of hard work volunteering for the organization. Each of these impressive service records began, as all journeys do, with a single step. Which is why we are starting our posts of gratitude by recognizing those members who took the first step this past year and volunteered as National Workers for the very first time.


Amy Bredemeyer joined the Research Department as a Research Committee member at the start of the 2019-20 club year. When called upon to serve in a greater capacity, Amy did not hesitate to step up. Beginning after Mid-Term, Amy joined the Board of Directors as the Research Vice President. Amy is also the Membership Vice President of her local club, Space Coast Mothers of Multiples (FL).


Meredith Fitzgerald joined the Education Department as District Writer for Notebook. Meredith is also the Vice President and former National Representative for her local club, MetroWest Parents of Multiples (MA).


Jamie Hanan served as a National Worker for the first time on the 2019-20 Convention Committee. Jamie is a member of Southside Parents of Multiples Club (IN).


Cara Kusnic joined the Education Department as a Feature Writer for Notebook. Cara is a member of Twin Cities Moms of Multiples (NC).


Melissa Nelson contributed her time and talents this past year working on Product Promotion/Sales. Melissa is a member of Southside Parents of Multiples Club (IN).


Heather Vestal joined the Membership Department and served as Membership Coordinator #2 this past year. Heather is a member of Twin Cities Moms of Multiples (NC).


Heather Willis was the Exhibit/Sponsorship Coordinator for her first year as a National Worker. Heather is a member of Brazos Valley Mothers of Twins Club (TX).


Thank you to everyone who has served as a National Worker for the 2019-20 year. Whether it was your first year volunteering or your 31st, we are grateful for the contributions of your time, talents, and energy.


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