Celebrating 20 Years: Diane Graves

Multiples of America was founded in 1960. Throughout the organization’s 60-year history, we have been blessed with innumerable volunteers who have donated their time and energy in support of our mission and multiples families across the country. This year’s Twenty Year Service Award Recipient has been serving as a National Worker for a remarkable one-third of the organization’s history. Over two decades, our recipient has made an extraordinary impact on not only Multiples of America and our members, but also the families of multiple birth children across the country through her unfaltering and continuous years of service.

Diane Graves first volunteered with Multiples of America in 2000. Over the past 20 years, Diane has served as a National Worker in 10 different roles, including 6 elected officer roles, and served on 5 different committees.

Diane’s first role within the organization was as Membership Statistician. In 2001, her second year as a National Worker, Diane served on the Executive Committee as Treasurer for the first time. She remained in that position for two years. However, Diane has returned to serve as Treasurer multiple times, including this past club year. During her 20-year tenure with the organization, Diane has served as Treasurer for 7 years (2001-2003, 2009-2012, 2018-2020).

After her first stint as Treasurer, Diane served in the Research Department. First as a Research Committee Member (2003-2004), then later as Research Chair for two years (2005-2007), and Research Vice President for two years, as well (2007-2009).

Diane has also served as National/State Liaison (2004-2005), Advertising/Promo Designer (2013-2016), Secretary (2016-2017) and Executive Vice President (2017-2018). While fulfilling her duties in each position, Diane accepted additional responsibilities by serving on the Marketing Committee (2004), Endowment Committee (2009-2012), Treasurer Review Committee (2011-2012), Position/Structure Committee (2015-2017), and as the Marketing Committee Coordinator (2019-2020).

Diane is a member of St. Louis Mothers of Multiples (MO).

Thank you, Diane and all previous Twenty Year Service Award recipients for your hard work in achieving this incredible milestone. We are extremely grateful for your dedication and commitment to helping Multiples of America fulfill our mission to support families of multiple birth children through support, education, and research.

Multiples of America’s 60-year anniversary is a huge milestone that we have only achieved through the dedication of our enthusiastic and inspiring National Workers like Diane. Our ability to fulfill our mission to support families of multiple birth children through support, education, and research is dependent on our members who generously contribute their skills, talents, and time. There’s still time to fill your National Worker application for the 2020-21 Year and help to move Multiples of America forward into the next 60 years and beyond.


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