An Important Update on the 2022 Convention

The Board of Directors has reviewed our current budget, overall financial projections based on year to date income and increased costs. We had further discussion with the St. Anthony’s Hotel in San Antonio to determine if an in-person Convention would be feasible.  The Board of Directors also considered travel restrictions, continued changes to Covid-19 protocols, and the best way to keep our members safe.

After reviewing the above information and having lengthy discussions, the Board of Directors has determined that an in-person convention is not fiscally possible at this time.  While the Board of Directors would love to present an in-person event, the difficult decision has been made that it is not in the organization’s financial best interest to do so.

We will have a virtual event to conduct the business of the organization.  More information will be coming in the weeks ahead through club contacts and to members via email and on the website.  Please be patient with us as we navigate our next steps.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your continued support.  For further questions or concerns, please send directly to the Executive Office at


Donna Kuni, Presidentident, Multiples of America

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